Best Large Mouse Pad to Buy in 2020

All of us use computers. And we also use the most important peripherals: the keyboard and the mouse. To make things easier while using the mouse and the keyboard, a good large mouse pad is essential for better handling, grip, and comfort. This not only makes it better for increased durability of the mouse but also keeps your desk clean and good looking.

Following Are The Top 3 Large Mouse Pad –

  1. Reflex Lab – High-Quality Stitching
  2. Cmhoo XXL – Waterproof Mouse Pad
  3. Blade Hawks – RGB Backlit

List of Top 3 Large Mouse Pad

1. Reflex Lab – High-Quality Stitching

Reflex Lab Extra Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad has achieved 1st position in our list.

large mouse pad reflex lab

With such a large mouse pad, you can get some real estate and space to move your mouse. It is very much comfortable and has 5mm Thickness with a Professional-Grade Smooth Surface. It comes in different sizes, namely: Pro 9, Pro 15 Heavy, Pro 36 Heavy and Pro 36 Tall Heavy.

Extra Tall and Large

With dimensions as large as 36” x 18”, this mouse pad will not only fit your mouse but also your keyboard and other desk items! You need not worry about your desk getting scratched or damaged, as this mouse pad will protect it from the same.

The surface of this mouse pad from the Reflex Lab is Ultra-Smooth, accurate and feels great. The optical sensors in your mouse will react perfectly to this mouse pad surface thereby enabling you to move your mouse easily. It will also Minimize Response Time.

Waterproof Top and Anti-Slip Rubber Backing

This mouse pad comes with a Waterproof Coating that prevents any damage caused by spilled drinks. We never know how one small mistake from our side can cause that little glass of water or coffee to tumble over our desk. So, you are protected from such accidents.

There is also an Anti-Slip Rubber Backing that prevents movement when in use. Even if you need to move your mouse a lot, the mouse pad won’t move due to this rubber surface at the back.

This mouse pad has High-Quality Stitchin. This makes it durable and does not fall apart like other mouse pads. If you need to wash the mouse pad you can just toss it in the washing machine!

  • Extra Tall and Large
  • Waterproof Top
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Backing
  • Ultra-Smooth Surface
  • High-Quality Stitching
  • Cost is Comparatively High

2. Cmhoo XXL – Waterproof Mouse Pad

Cmhoo XXL Professional Mouse Pad has achieved 2ndposition in our list.

This trendy-looking mouse pad is suitable for gaming as well as office work. With an Attractive Textured Design on the front, this one has a large size with dimensions 35.4 x 15.7 x 0.1 inches. The surface area is smooth to allow better mouse movement.

large mouse pad cmhoo

Ultra-Smooth Surface

This mouse pad has an Ultra-Smooth Surface for exceptional tracking performance and aiming precision. It is suitable for both optical or laser technology mouse.

In addition to this default “map” style texture, there is a wide variety of Other Amazing Textures to choose from so you can always find one to suit your style.

Stitched Edges

This mouse pad has Stitched Edges that prevent the peeling of the surface. It makes the mouse pad more durable.

The back of this mouse pad uses a cross-hatched sticky rubber-type material that keeps it in one place. There is also a Waterproof Coating to prevent damage from spilled drinks.

  • Ultra-Smooth Surface
  • Stitched Edges
  • Attractive Textured Design
  • Waterproof Coating
  • Anti-skid rubber coating
  • The natural rubber used may give odor

3. Blade Hawks – RGB Backlit

Blade Hawks RGB Extended Gaming Mouse Pad has achieved 3rd position in our list of top 3 large mouse pad.

In this amazing-looking mousepad from Blade Hawks, the first most attractive feature you must have noticed is the LED lighting technology. Also, It has large dimensions of 31.5 x 12 x 0.2 inches.

RGB Backlit Mouse Pad

This mouse pad has 10 Lighting Modes, which includes 7 kinds of static lighting modes and 3 dynamic lighting modes. This takes your Gaming Experience a whole new level and you can set it to change as per your game atmosphere and mood.

But you can also use this at your work. By setting the LED system to a more subtle lighting combination or turning it OFF completely, this mouse pad will be your perfect companion at your workplace too.

Easy to Use, Plug & Play

The RGB LEDs are powered by USB, which you just need to plug and play. No Hassles for Driver Download and stuff. There is a Single Button to Control Light Modes as well as brightness and turn ON / OFF.

In addition to the above visually appealing features, the build quality of this mousepad is also great. The surface is made up of High-Quality Micro-Texture that enhances the gaming experience and improve precision. It is also waterproof and prevents accidental damage from spilled liquid.

  • RGB Backlit Mouse Pad
  • Easy to Use, Plug & Play
  • Better Gaming Experience
  • High-Quality Micro-Texture
  • Non-Slip Rubber Base
  • No LED breathing or flashing modes


Thus, with an increase in the use of the mouse for any purpose – gaming or office, the need to use the mouse pad more efficiently and comfortably has also increased. A mouse pad provides you the perfect balance for your peripherals on your desk. It keeps your desk clean and prolongs the life of the mouse and the keyboard.

With an increasing variety of different sizes and styles of mouse pads in the market, it becomes difficult to pick out the top few. These top 3 mouse pads will give you a kickstart and let you know what to look in a mouse pad while purchasing one.

If you have any queries regarding the Best Large mouse Pad comment and tell us below in the comment box.

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