Best SteelSeries Mouse Pad to Buy in 2020

In the world of the run race, we want everything comfortable. Why not a comfortable mouse pad? A good mouse pad is the key part of gaming and working setup. Here we have some high rated mouse pads which take the top position in our list of top 3 SteelSeries Mouse Pad.

These are the top-rated mouse pads available for you. These SteelSeries mousepads are the most popular among pro gamers. This is best for different types of games.

These SteelSeries Mouse Pads designed to provide consistent, smooth, and highly durable surfaces. SteelSeries mousepads made up of fine smooth cloth which is highly used by gamers as they require the best accuracy with less friction.

Here are 3 Top SteelSeries Mouse Pad available for you-

  • SteelSeries Qck – XXL Thick Cloth
  • SteelSeries Qck – RGB Mouse Pad
  • Qck – Low Friction Surface

List of Top 3 SteelSeries Mouse Pad

1. SteelSeries Qck – XXL Thick Cloth

The 1st position in our top list of 3 SteelSeries Gaming Mouse Pad is achieved by Steel Series Qck Gaming Mouse Pad. This is the best selling mouse surface of all time. 

SteelSeries Mouse Pad

With the nice and smooth surface, it gives Maximum Control on the mouse to the mouse pad. This is available with a good thickness which provides an Anti- Fray Surface. These mousepads never bother your budget they are not so expensive but much reliable.

Large and Smooth Tracking Surface

This mouse pad is one of the top choices of pro gamers for nearly 20 years. This is the biggest mouse pad perfect for anyone who needs a Large Tracking Surface. Steel series Qck Gaming Mouse Pad has a maximum surface area with a dimension of 900 x 400 mm.

So this mouse pad is intended to hold a full-sized keyboard, a massive mouse and you can also put a notebook or diary or anything else on its surface. Steel series Qck XXL mouse pad is quite enjoyable to use due to its super smooth cloth surface. It gives Frictionless Sliding Experience for your mouse the same as cutting butter on paper.

Anti-Slippery with Good Thickness

Steel series gaming mouse pad Qck – XXL has a fine thickness that provides smooth and even surfaces for your mouse. With this thickness, its bottom is made up of sticky rubber material once the pad set down it does not budge out. This pad has a Thickness Of 4MM dimension.

It makes itself smooth in uneven surface also. Its Rubbery Bottom makes it stay anti-slippery which boosts your gaming experience and interest. This mouse pad is itself nice and amazing to use with its Superb Clothing Surface and fine rubbery bottom.

  • Large Tracking Surface
  • Smooth Tracking Pad
  • Frictionless Sliding Experience
  • Rubbery Bottom
  • Anti-Slippery Bottom
  • Gathers Dust Frequently

2. SteelSeries Qck – RGB Mouse Pad

This Qck Prism RGB Mouse Pad has achieved 2nd position in our list of Top 3 Steel Series Mouse Pad. Steel series Qck Prism RGB mouse pad is the world’s First RGB Illuminating Mouse Pad

It gives two choices for gamers to choose between two different types of surfaces. This high rated mouse pad is featuring amazing Illumination Settings for many colors and lighting effects.

It has a non-slippery rubber base that keeps the surface smooth and anti-fray. its cable designed on the left side of the mouse pad so that it never interferes during working and gaming.

Illuminating Effect with Dual Surface

With the world’s first Dual-Textured Surface Mouse Pad it gives smooth and natural gaming. If you want a little more textured you can flip it over for a more precise and awesome tracking surface. This Steel series Qck Prism RGB mouse pad is best known for its Prism RGB LED Strip which surrounding the whole pad.

These lights produce many different colors, transitions, and gradients. These 12 Lights Zones are divided Into 3 Zones which are present in each side of the mouse pad. These coloring effects enhance the atmosphere of your gaming session.

Durable and Precise Controlling Effect

This steel series Qck Prism RGB gaming mouse pad has a dual surface feature that keeps it durable. You can flip it over to feel new experience even during intense gaming.

This gaming mouse pad is made up of a premium hard polymer surface or with a Micro-Textured Smooth Cloth Surface .the mouse pad has a good surface area with Dimension Of 320MM X 270MM.

It has Qck micro-woven cloth which makes it sturdy and controllable .its controlling effect is best with its fine cloth which boosts your gaming performance. This Steel series Qck Prism RGB mouse pad is optimized for high and also Low DPI Tracking Movements.

  • RGB Illuminating Mouse Pad
  • Illumination Settings
  • Dual-Textured Surface Mouse Pad
  • Prism RGB Led Strip
  • Micro-Textured Smooth Cloth Surface
  • Low-Quality Connecting Wire

3. SteelSeries Qck – Low Friction Surface

The Steel Series Qck Medium-Hard Gaming Surface is specifically designed to provide maximum speed with pinpoint control. This mouse pad tested by many manufacturers, so it’s enhanced textured surface optimizes mouse Tracking Accuracy for both laser and optical sensors.

Steel Series Qck Medium-Hard Gaming Surface
Good Sized Surface for Maximum Speed

This steel series Qck medium-hard mouse pad is made up of Hard Polyethylene Surface which provides a smooth and good surface for experiencing maximum speed. This mouse pad is the top choice of sports gamers for nearly 20 years.

This mouse pad is best optimized for Tracking Low And High DPI Movements. Its textured surface is best enhanced for pinpoint accuracy and control.

This steel series Qck medium-hard mouse pad has a good surface area to glide your mouse easily and softly. It has a dimension of 320MM X 270MM.

Low Friction Glide with Good Thickness

This mouse pad is best known for its minimal friction nature. Its hard Polyethylene Textured Surface gives mouse pad a low friction feature.

This mouse pad has a good thickness which makes it stable even during intense movements. It makes pad smooth and parallel to the surface in every condition.

It has a thickness dimension of 3MM. Steel series Qck medium-hard mouse pad has the most durable and Non-Slip Rubber Base which keeps it stay against unwanted moves and provides the best and enhanced surface for sliding your mouse.

  • Hard Polyethylene Surface
  • Non-Slippery Base
  • Low Friction Surface
  • Pinpoint Mouse Accuracy
  • Tracking Low And High Dpi Movements
  • Low Texture


A good mouse pad is a synonym to accuracy and preciseness. If you are confused about choosing a mouse pad then remember it should be comfortable for your hand and wrist and also should not bother your budget.

We provided these 3 top Steelseries mouse pad for you which will give you the best choices to choose your mouse pad.

From past years, pro gamers trusted Qck mouse pad as their best mouse pads this is because SteelSeries mousepads won gamers’ hearts. So take a look at these top 3 steel series mousepads before purchasing one.

If you have any queries related to Steel Series Mouse Pad please let us knows in the comment box.

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